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Outboard Engine Repair & Rebuilding Experts

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We are a company that specializes in outboard marine engine repair and rebuilding, capable of servicing all makes and models, including all major outboard brands. Whether it’s a Honda Marine, Yamaha, Suzuki, Evinrude, Johnson, or Mercury outboard engine – just send it over to us and we will perform the necessary repairs or rebuilds to get your engine up and running again. Whatever your needs are, as long as it’s in the realm of outboards, we will professionally take care of everything for you.

Decades of valuable experience in the outboard rebuilding industry

Our knowledge and expertise are unmatched in the industry. With more than three decades of relevant experience in the area of outboard rebuilding, you are guaranteed to receive services of the highest standards from us here at Outboard Clinic.

Services that are available locally and internationally

Our service area is not limited by locality since we are capable of serving the needs of dealers and independent shops from all over the world. Any outboard engine component that you would send to us is thoroughly inspected, cleaned, rebuilt, or repaired, and then carefully packed and shipped right to your doorstep.

Specializing in four key areas

  • Outboard Head Repair
    An outboard head is where the cylinder heads of the motor are located, and we can repair and clean it better than anyone else can. In order to provide the highest quality of outboard repair services, we meticulously follow a 6-step process to ensure that your outboard head is properly taken care of. The process includes the following: disassembling and proper cleaning; bead blasting; proper decking of cylinder heads; cleaning, regrounding, or replacing valves; thorough inspection of all seats and guides; and proper reassembly before packing and shipping back to the client.
  • Lower Unit Rebuild and Repair
    A lower unit’s main function is to convert power from the engine to rotate the prop shaft and move the propeller. We are specialists when it comes to restoring and rebuilding all types of outboard lower units, including all major brands. Outboard lower units are extremely pricey, which is why proper maintenance and repairs are important to preserve its optimized performance. Our strict and comprehensive 7-step inspection process ensures that your outboard lower unit can always deliver a high level of performance.
  • Remanufactured Powerheads
    Buying a new outboard powerhead is costly, so we offer you the option to have it remanufactured by us, which will enable you to save up to 2/3 less the costs than buying a new one. Our in-house machine shop is where we do all of the magical work on powerheads and engines, with an impressively quick turnaround time.
  • Machine Shop
    At Outboard Clinic, we specialize in boring and resleeving outboard marine cylinders, watercraft, snowmobiles, motorcycles, and ATVs. With the help of our master machinist, his knowledgeable staff, and our state-of-the-art equipment, we are able to perform a level of machine work that is extremely precise, with a quick turnaround rate.

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Outboard Rebuilding

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One of the largest, full-service marine engine repair and rebuild shops located in Florida.
Complete In-House machine shop services associated with outboard and Jet ski rebuilding.
Supplying the highest quality new and used parts needed.

About us

Our experience and knowledge are unrivaled in the marine industry. With more than 30 years of knowledge and experience rebuilding and repairing outboard engines, you can rely on us to receive the highest quality service available. We have the highest standards in the industry.

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"Thank you, Jerry at Outboard Clinic for the magnificent job you did boring and honing my 150 Mercury xr6 power head. It seems to run smoother and quieter than ever before. I have seen some posts that seem to think you are the one that posts some of your reviews. Fellow boat owners and Dealers, I assure you I am not Jerry and if you need someone to repair your power head, Jerry is your go to guy for excellent service. I found Jerry to be forthright, honest and a man of his word. It was a pleasurable experience from beginning phone call until I received my machined power head. Jerry is frank and to the point. He is not a man filled with a lot of BS. Take it from me a very satisfied customer, you cannot find nor beat a better machine shop than OutboardClinic in Palm City, Florida."
Phil Parker
Dobson, NC
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