Our machine shop puts all of our Yamaha rebuilds and remanufactures through the most precise series of tests. We start every process with multi-levels of inspection with a complete analysis of each working part of your Yamaha Outboard. With our custom builds and respect for OEM specifications, we can fulfill your needs and exceed them in quality. Within a competitive market, this is an advantage that you won’t find anywhere else.

Our remanufacture process includes:

  • Disassembling of all Yamaha 4-stroke outboard cylinder heads and proper cleaning of hot tank
  • Bead blasting to remove all carbon deposits
  • Cylinder heads are moved to our head milling area for proper decking
  • Valves are cleaned, regrinded, replaced as needed, or completely replaced upon request
  • All seats and guides are thoroughly inspected
  • Cams are installed
  • Proper lashing and shimming are included

When it comes to your Lower Unit, sustainability, power, and motion are at the top of our mind. Our multi-levels of inspection are applied here as well ensuring Yamaha’s optimized performance on the water.

  • Visually inspecting the exterior of your lower unit for signs of damage
  • Checking the color of your lower unit lubricant to determine if water is present
  • Dissembling of gear-cases
  • Inspecting all seals with a pressure test to rule out replacement and replacing if necessary
  • Checking prop shaft for straightness
  • Inspecting all bearing and gears for wear
  • Setting the shift rod height

Our specialized knowledge on Yamaha products comes from over 35 years of dealing directly with the factory. All of our services are superior within the industry because they are completed in-house with a rigorous and quick turn around. All parts are measured prior to giving an estimate on the scope of work. We take pride in our stock of parts. We rarely find ourselves out of the component that you need, and luckily we have accrued an extensive network of contacts for our direct ordering process. In most cases, parts can be obtained within 2 days. The advantages of sending your Yamaha Outboard to our Machine Shops includes the convenience of being a part of every process, firsthand if wanted, and the peace of mind that our experience in the industry will have you back on the water before you can plan your next adventure.

Before & after head repair.

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