Lower Unit
Rebuild & Repair

Outboard Clinic restores and rebuilds all outboard lower units. The function of your lower unit is to convert the power from your engine to rotate the prop shaft and move your propeller. Proper lubrication is vital in protecting the gears inside your unit.

Lower units are very expensive, maintenance and repairs are important in preserving optimized performance. Our strict inspection process ensures the highest quality standards in the industry.

Our process

1. Visually inspecting the exterior of your lower unit for signs of damage

2. Checking the color of your lower unit lubricant to determine if water is present

3. Dissembling of gear-cases

4. Inspecting all seals with a pressure test to rule out replacement and replacing if necessary

5. Checking prop shaft for straightness

6. Inspecting all bearing and gears for wear

7. Setting the shift rod height

Specialize in
all major

including Force/Chrysler
Marine and Mariner.

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