Outboard Head repair

We provide the highest quality of outboard head repair on the market. With the most thorough process within the industry of remanufactured head repairs, we guarantee to deliver the best possible job.

all major

including Force/Chrysler Marine and Mariner.

Remanufacturing process

1. Disassembling of all 4-stroke outboard cylinder heads and proper cleaning in hot tank

2. Bead blasting to remove all carbon deposits

3. Cylinder heads are moved to our head milling area for proper decking

4. Valves are cleaned, reground, replace as needed, or completely replaced upon request

5. All seats and guides are thoroughly inspected

6. At reassembly, cams are installed, and the proper lashing/shimming is included to complete the repair before packing and shipping back to you

Outboard head rebuild

Before & after head repair

4 Stroke Head rebuild
4 Stroke Head Repair

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