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We specialize in boring and resleeving outboard marine cylinders, motorcycles, ATVs, watercrafts, and snowmobiles. From big bore Harley Davidson to blind hole Outboard marine blocks, we can bore them with one of our Kwik Way boring bars allowing us to provide extreme precision and a quick turn around rate.

Resleeving your cylinder restores it to standard bore and maintains the original performance with the added benefits of being able to bore the next size piston if needed. Resleeving has shown to have longer durability which makes it harder to damage as well as the economic advantage of replacing it completely.

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Before machine work

At our outboard machine shop, our master machinist conducts a visual inspection to identify any cracks, holes or chips in or on any surface. All cylinders are measured to check if any over-sizing has been done previously. Next, we prepare your estimate and give you a call for approval to begin work. Our boring/resleeving process involves:

  • Boring cylinders
  • Deburring all ports
  • Chamfering and honing top of the cylinders

Blocks are then stamped with the size for every cylinder, as well as paper tagged. This process provides a better visual for future use on shelves or storage.

Our last step is spraying the block with an anti-rust chemical, packaging, and shipping back to you.

Before & after boring and re-sleeving

Machine Shop
Boring and resleeving

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